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Nelle – A very special dog.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Nelle, a very special dog with soulful eyes, a winning smile and a friendly, exuberant demeanor.  She was a charmer, to say the least. Nelle’s mom and dad wanted to take a quick over night trip but needed someone to feed her, take her for walks, give her lots of loving attention, as well as some nice belly rubs. Nelle greeted me at the door with tail wagging and a happy smile each time I came and she would joyfully run around with a stuffed javelina in her mouth. We enjoyed going for walks and also watching the sun rise early in the morning – just hanging out, listening to the birds and savoring the day. She is truly a one-of-a-kind dog.



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A Trio of Cats

I often take care of  “cat siblings”, and by that, I mean multiple cats, living in one home. Whether the cats are “adopted siblings” or “blood siblings”, It is fun to see how they interact with each other and learn to get along. Some of them even start to look alike.

I think about my customers: Graeme, Lilith and Frankie, all beautiful blond and red kitties, and how nicely they have acquainted themselves with each other. Graeme and Lilith lived together for years and then Frankie was introduced to the home. It took a little while, but now Frankie is part of the group and everyone is very happy. Frankie still eats in a separate room because she is a much slower eater than the other cats – she likes to savor her meals. Graeme eats very fast; his hunter personality kicks in at mealtime, as he would love to go after Lilith’s dinner. Lilith, being the soft-spoken and polite kitty of the group, eats at a leisurely, slow pace.

I think it’s so cute that they actually compliment each other in both looks and temperament. It is true: the longer someone is together – the more they start to look alike. Graeme, Lilith and Frankie have all become very good friends and are happy and content to be “cat siblings”.

Graeme – A large strawberry blond tabby cat who rules the roost with a “light paw”.

Lilith – A petite blond and white kitty who is as sweet and precious as she looks.

Frankie – A beautiful, red cat with amazing green eyes whose fur is as soft as a bunny.

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Jasper, a Gentle Spirit

Jasper, a new cat client from Lakeville, relaxes on his carpet.
Jasper has a kind and gentle spirit. Even though he needed help eating, he was always purring, sweet and loving, throughout the entire process.

I had the pleasure of taking care of Jasper, a beautiful black cat with a silky smooth coat. His mom and dad were leaving for an out of town Christmas get-together. They were tentative about leaving Jasper though. You see, Jasper was not eating enough, and had to be fed two times a day with a syringe. I went over to my new client’s house, and learned how to feed Jasper. Everything went smoothly, while they were gone and I gave them daily updates on Jasper’s health. It turns out that Jasper was in great spirits and eating well. He even emptied out his regular food dish. Everyone had a very Merry Christmas, especially Jasper.

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Welcome New Cat Clients!

Welcome Graeme and Lilith! I recently had the pleasure of taking care of 2 wonderful new kitties; Graeme, an orange tabby cat and Lilith, a darling white and orange cat. Both were very friendly and outgoing and had energy to spare! They both greeted me at the front door each visit and proceeded to follow me around. I did manage to capture them both in a state of rest and relaxation, after much romping around, playing and eating their dinner. They were really nice cats who definitely made me smile!

Graeme, Tabby Cat, Relaxing in his Kitty Tower.

Graeme, the cat, sitting pretty.

Lilith, the kitty, contentedly licking her tail.

Lilith, pretty kitty, watching the birds out the window.