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Fox Story

A couple of weekends ago, I saw a fox out my front office window. I had seen this fox many times go by my window and consider him part of the neighborhood. This time was different though. The fox was convulsing and writhing in pain. When I went outside to investigate; the fox appeared unconscious but was still convulsing. Buzz and I put the fox in a box and rushed it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville. They responded to my inquiry a few days later. Although we can’t say for sure why the fox died – they suspected it could be some kind of toxin, like eating a poisoned mouse. I can’t help but think about people’s pets in the neighborhood and worry for their safety. Foxes eat lots of mice which is a great natural control method. If you know of anyone using poisons – please tell them about this sad story and the dangers it may cause.

Red Fox
Foxes like to eat mice and other rodents.

Hello Maureen,

We regret to inform you that the Gray fox you brought to us was unable to be rehabilitated.  The vets administered emergency care giving drugs to help with the seizures and other issues. Despite this care the fox died shortly after admission. The vets cannot say for certain but do suspect some type of toxicity possibly poison from eating another animal that had been poisoned like a mouse or other small mammal.  Thank you for rescuing the fox and bringing it to our center.



Staff Wildlife Rehabilitator

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