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Jasper, a Gentle Spirit

Jasper, a new cat client from Lakeville, relaxes on his carpet.
Jasper has a kind and gentle spirit. Even though he needed help eating, he was always purring, sweet and loving, throughout the entire process.

I had the pleasure of taking care of Jasper, a beautiful black cat with a silky smooth coat. His mom and dad were leaving for an out of town Christmas get-together. They were tentative about leaving Jasper though. You see, Jasper was not eating enough, and had to be fed two times a day with a syringe. I went over to my new client’s house, and learned how to feed Jasper. Everything went smoothly, while they were gone and I gave them daily updates on Jasper’s health. It turns out that Jasper was in great spirits and eating well. He even emptied out his regular food dish. Everyone had a very Merry Christmas, especially Jasper.

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