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Jack – A Cocker Spaniel with a great spirit

I had the pleasure of taking care of Jack this past year, a wonderful Cocker Spaniel, who had an indomitable spirit. Jack was 16 years old (that’s 80 years old in human years) but so young at heart. He had to have surgery to remove a “bad” eye, but the thing about Jack is – he kept right on going. Jack inspired me with his ability to get up and get excited about going for a walk. He took me on many walks and especially loved to go behind his house – down the winding woodland paths.

Jack on his way to the woodland path.
Jack looked out and listened to the sounds of nature.

The path led to a pond and wildlife. He knew his yard like the back of his “paw”. He often started out a little slow but then all of a sudden he would start to trot as though he was a young man again. The sun would shine on his face, the Spring scents were in the air, the geese were honking – all was right with the world. Yes, Jack was very happy dog – a very special dog. I will miss him.

Happy Trails Jack.

Jack resting on his favorite bed after a long walk,
dreaming of his youth and running with wild abandon.

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