Animals, Mice

Trixie – the mouse

The snow keeps coming down and turning the world into a winter wonderland. I really like snow hugging the trees. We decided to go snowshoeing 2 days ago and as we made our way through the backyard, we walked towards the wren house that Buzz put up last summer. All of a sudden we stopped in our tracks as a little face peered out at us. Buzz asked, “Is that a face I see?” It was…Trixie, the mouse we named a few summers ago. Of course I didn’t have my camera but there she was, plain as day, sticking her head out of the wren house – cute. I didn’t know that mice liked to climb trees. She was safe and sound in her cozy abode. I went back later and took a photo of the wren house but she did not make and appearance.

Snow and wren house.

Wren House

in the bird house

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