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The Frog in the Bluebird House

Last year, a family of bluebirds nested right outside my office window. It was so much fun to watch them build their nest. The eggs hatched and mom and dad both helped feed the babies. The first clutch was successful and they all flew the coop. Typically, bluebirds will have 2 clutches a season. The nest needs to be cleaned out and they will build a new nest.

Soon after building their second nest, I observed the bluebird poking his head in and out but not going inside. He looked perplexed. I went out to investigate. When I opened the door to the house, to my surprise – I found a frog inside the house. I assisted in getting him to a nice safe place and figured it was just a fluke. The next day, I observed the bluebird doing the same thing – poking his head in and out over and over again. I opened the door to the house and who do you suppose was there? Mr. Frog was back in the exact same spot. I discovered it was a Gray treefrog who happens to be very fond of wood, trees and bark. I moved the frog even further away and the bluebirds had another successful clutch. Perhaps Mr. Frog turned into a handsome prince and lived happily ever after.

Frog in bluebird house

Frog in bluebird house


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