Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

Pet Sitter and Dog Walker for La Reserve, located in beautiful Oro Valley, AZ

We’ve moved to beautiful Oro Valley, Arizona and will continue the same great service and care for your pets!

Animal Angel is an in-home pet sitting and dog walking service located Oro Valley, Arizona in the beautiful neighborhood of La Reserve.

I specialize in daily visits to keep your pet fit, healthy and happy. The main ingredient I bring to my service is a love for animals and a deep caring for their well-being, health and happiness.

Being an animal lover, nature enthusiast and avid walker, I combined all 3 passions into one special pet care service.

Walk, play, fetch—frisbee catching, flower sniffing, paw shaking—what does your pet love to do? Daily walks will energize and rejuvenate your dog.

Simon, Golden Lab from Lakeville, MN

Simon is a ball of energy and loves to run and play.

Stimulating daily visits will engage your pet and let them know how special and cared for they are. Dogs love a mid-day walk and cats enjoy a friendly back scratch.

Motor, Cat from Lakeville, MN

Motor enjoys dreaming about little birdies.

Animals naturally have great spirits and like people, need mental and physical activities. There is nothing more fun than watching a dog or cat do what they love to do.

Ellie is a hoot with her monkey.

Ellie loves walking with her stuffed monkey.

Call Maureen Cuthbert—Pet Sitter and Dog Walker today at 952-200-8952 for a free consultation or send me an email. I would love to meet your special pet!